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Sickness & Diarrhoea:

There have been lots of queries this week regarding school protocol when children have sickness and/or diarrhoea. We prefer children to refrain from school for 48 hours to avoid the spread of bugs. If your child has only been sick once and you are certain this is not a bug, please contact the school and speak with Mrs Owen who will confirm if your child can return back to school any earlier.



 Attendance Matters:
As we look at how well children are making progress and achieving in their learning we have been struck once again by how much attendance impacts upon this. We have had a relatively mild winter yet we have seen some poor attendance figures for individual children. As parents many of the staff understand that it is not always easy to make that judgement as to whether a child should be in school and, of course, we would not want them here if they are ill; but there appears to be no reason why our attendance should be lower than any other school.
Each and every child in our school deserves to have the best education but we can only deliver it if they are here.
Please encourage your child to understand that Attendance Matters.


Attendance Information


Attendance Figures:



So what do the percentages mean?

Attendance / absence is presented as a percentage figure, but it'€™s helpful to equate this to number of days off:


98% = fewer than four days absent in a school year

95% = fewer than ten days absent in one school year

90% = 4 weeks absent in one school year (equates to a ½ day each week)

85% = 5.5 weeks absent in one school year (approaching a whole half-term in the school year)

80% = 7.5 weeks absent in one school year (equates to 1 day each week or a whole half-term in one year)

This means that if a child has between 80 and 85% attendance they will be absent over 1 complete academic year during their time in Primary School. The impact of this on a child's learning is obvious.

Currently the school has 39 children who have less than 90% attendance and 12 children with less than 85% attendance. Obviously children can not help feeling/getting ill but this means that 16% of our children had learning that was disrupted by absence in the first half term of the year.

Thinking about what the percentages mean unless your child has a seriously underlying condition or catches an infectious disease we would not expect any child to have attendance below 98%. Please help us help your children in improving attendance.


Again we would like to thank those of you whose children's attendance is 98% or above.