Welcome to our school website.


Who’s Who

Headteacher                               Mrs K Mills

Senior Deputy Headteacher       Ms K Chisholm

Deputy Headteacher                  Miss S Cook

Assistant Headteacher              Mrs A Knox-Johnson

 Teaching Staff

  • Nursery             Miss L Perkins               
  • Reception          Mrs Harman                     Miss R Palmer/Mrs J Beckford
  • Years 1              Miss A Jones                   Miss Backhouse
  • Years 2             Mrs M Webb                    Mrs S Milburn
  • Years 3             Miss C Valentine               Mrs E Nugent/Miss N Pine
  • Years 4             Mr R Hamilton                  Mrs M Sinclair
  • Years 5             Miss R Cresswell               Mrs A Drury    
  • Years 6             Mrs J Cook                       Miss S Cook /Mrs Tovey-Holmes 

 Support Teachers

Year 1, 2 ,3                                                   Mrs A Knox-Johnson

Year 4, 5, 6                                                  Mr S Philips

Year 5/6                                                      Mrs L Walls

Senco:                                                         Mr S Phillips

Family Support Worker:                             Mrs D Green

Adult Counsellor:                                        Mrs K Youpa

Child Counsellor:                                         Mrs S Wardman-Browne

Attendance Officer:                                  Mrs H Owen

Education Welfare Officer:                       Carly Otton

Bilingual Assistant:                                     Mrs Begum-Miah

Speech & Language Therapist:                   Mrs K Smith

Librarian:                                                  Mrs Juliet Garside


Teaching / Learning Support Assistants:

 Mrs L Bailey                    Ms A Dean                    Miss D Deli                    Miss L Golding                    Mrs J Empson               Miss E Filippou                Mrs L Garwood             Miss L Golding                Mrs E Holland                    Mrs A Jacobs (EAL) Mrs H Louis                      Mrs L Lynch                 Miss H Mills                   Mrs M Moss                       Miss S Nahar            Mr B Newson                    Miss W Nicholas           Miss M Phillips              Mrs J Reason                     Miss M Rice

Mrs J Sawyer                 Mrs S Serritiello           Mrs R Thorp                  Mr T Watson                      Miss K Wells

Mr I Ajala



Administrative Staff:

Mrs A Howard - Office Manager

Miss C Cook

Mrs J Plumstead

Mrs L Young

Mrs S Weeding


Midday Supervisors:                 Caretakers:                         Cleaners:

Mrs R Al-Kaisi                         Mr L Grigg                           Mrs C Knights

Miss L Brown                           Mr P Ward                          Miss E Patrick

Mrs K Easdon                          Mr D Cable-Davey               Mrs S Rose

Mrs J Jackaman                                                                 Mrs K Rudge

Mrs L Keevil                                                                       Mrs M Sesto

Miss T Mitchell                                                                  Mrs L Storer

Miss E Patrick                                                                    Mrs H Walker

Mrs S Rose

Mrs J Thompson

Mrs H Walker




Mr S. Race (Chair)

Mr K Finch

Mr B Hunt

Mrs K Mills (Headteacher)

Ms K Chisholm (Associate)

Miss S Cook (Staff)

Miss K Rimmer (parent)

Mrs S Murray (parent)

 If you would like to know more either about becoming a governor or the work of the governing body please speak to the Headteacher.


The Governing Body

All Governors are elected volunteers who act collectively, serving a term of four years, and have legal duties, powers and responsibilities.


Statutory duties include:

  • Making decisions about how the school is run
  • Monitoring the quality of teaching and learning
  • Interviewing and selecting staff
  • Deciding how the school budget should be spent
  • Reporting information about the school to parents


School Governors are:

  • Parents (have a child in the school and are elected by parents at the school)
  • Local Council representatives
  • Community and/or local business representatives