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Ravenswood Blog 30/11/17


We are now rushing towards Christmas and preparations are in full swing to make sure that our children have the very best experience we can offer them for the season. The teachers and staff are planning lots of fun lessons so that learning can continue to be enjoyable and meaningful. Children are learning about celebrations around the world and the different festivals that are held in so many different countries.

Reception and Nursery children, Years 1 and 2 are busy learning the words for their productions and music can be heard throughout the downstairs rooms and corridors on a regular basis.

Winter displays are appearing throughout the school, many being accompanied by twinkling lights and they look 'fab-u-lous'.

Well done to our choir who are rehearsing for many events over the next few weeks. They are a dedicated, very large, group of singers and we look forward to seeing them entertain a range of people: shoppers, the elderly, parents and carers and friends of the school.