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Parents Share Morning and Lunch


A reminder about our Parents Share Morning and Lunch to be held on Friday 7th. July at 10.30am.


Parents will have the opportunity to join children in their classes to look at the work they have completed through this year. You are also welcome to stay for our picnic lunch  to be held on the school field until 12.50pm.


If you would like to attend the Share Morning please complete the slip on the letter sent out on 27th. June.



Coffee Afternoon


We will be holding a coffee afternoon on Thursday, July 13th in the new school library at 1.30pm. Parents of children with English as Additional Language will be able to get together, meet with other parents and talk to staff about any issues relating to their child at school.


We hope you enjoyed our previous coffee afternoon held last November. This time we have invited Mrs. Knox -Johnston, our Early Years Co-ordinator, to talk to you for a short while about ways in which you can help your child to read at home.

A letter will soon be sent to your child outlining details of the coffee afternoon.


Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Miah and Mrs. Roberts (EAL team)