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TRIPLE P Parenting Group

Triple P allows parents to choose techniques that work best for them and their families. We provide the information, but you choose the ideas to use and that will work! Please click on the link below.

Parenting Hub - Whitehouse


Please see below the link for an upcoming course: ‘Helping individuals on the Autism Spectrum and their loved ones’

Helping Individuals on the Autism Spectrum


Useful Learning Websites


MIMO (Miss In Miss Out)

Week Beginning: 30th October 2017 -

1st - 6SEC - 99.23% - 0 Late Marks

2nd - 5CV- 98% - 1 Late Mark

3rd - 3RPNP - 97.04% - 1 Late Marks


This workshop is completely FREE and is aimed at Parents/Carers and their children. Please see the link below for more details.

Cookery Workshop Flier


Please see attached information surrounding the peer pressure that can sometimes face our children

Peer on Peer Abuse

TRIPLE P Parenting Group

Triple P allows parents to choose techniques that work best for them and their families. We provide the information, but you choose the ideas to use and that will work! There are a number of venues offering these hubs. please click on the links below:

January 2018 - Triple P


 Please see below the link with the Spring edition of the CDOP newsletter

CDOP Newsletter Spring Edition 2017



Please see the link below regarding this 10 week course.

Solihull Approach - Understanding Your Child's Behaviour.pdf



Please see attached information to help you select the healthy lunchbox.

Lunchbox CWM Leaflet.pdf



Your child's sight is precious.

An undiagnosed vision defect can affect your child's ability to learn.

It is recommended that all children have their eyes checked by an optician before starting school

Every child is entitled to a free eye sight test

Child - Friendly Optometrists in Suffolk are part of the Jolly Giraffe Campaign and display this logo in their window

BOOK an appointment today with your local optician and give your child a clear start in life!


To find your local optician call PALS on 0800 389 6819

email: pals@suffolk.nhs.uk

Key Stage Testing 2017

2017 will be the follow on from the introduction of statutory tests which saw an increase in what children are supposed to be able to achieve and demonstrate under the Government's drive to raise standards at the ages of 7 and 11 (Years 2 and 6). At Ravenswood we are always keen to give the children the very best education that we can deliver and strive to support and motivate them to achieve at the highest level of which they are capable. We keep up to date with changes and current thinking through research and professional development and have weekly staff meetings to look at ways to improve what we are delivering to all of our pupils. We cannot control what is decided by central government, we can only prepare your children for their high school and life beyond. We seek to give them a thirst for learning, a curiosity about the world in which they live and a flexible, 'have a go' attitude to all of life.We often hear that SATs are 'for the school'. True every school is judged by what is achieved in the tests and progress made  by pupils in Years 2 and 6, but at Ravenswood we believe that every child has the right to an all round education that will prepare them for their life experiences and an exciting future, one in which they can shine and be successful. Below are two links to a short video on both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs but if you require any further information about them please just come in and talk to your child's class teachers, they are always here to help.

So what is your role in all of this? Working with parents and carers has a really positive impact on children's learning. It is important that, as far as is possible, your child is listened to when reading, or asking questions like 'do you like the book?' or 'what is happening in the book' can be equally useful throughout your child's school life. Having time for breakfast and getting to school by 8.40a.m is also an important part of how you can support your child in their learning. We can all help each other and, by doing that, achieve the very best for your child, which is what they all deserve.

Video Key Stage 1 SATs 2016

Video Key Stage 2 SATs 2016





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