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Welcome to Year 6!



Class 6MHNH Lemurs 

Class Teachers: Mr Hynes and Mr Hartman

Teaching Assistant: Mr Watson

Class 6DC Jaguars

Class Teacher: Mr Cordice

Higher Learning Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lynch


Year 6 Support Teacher

Mrs Walls


Autumn Term Highlights so far!

WOW! What an amazing half-term the Year 6 children have had. All the children have worked so hard, showing an amazing amount of resilience. As a result, their learning has improved in all areas of the curriculum.


Magnifique année 6! In french, the children have been learning how to ask and talk about regular activites that they like doing on different days, très bonne classe! 



During RE the children have been linking the use of technology to create work related to the Muslim Faith.



What a journey the children went on, literally! Year 6 took on the role of sailors on an expedition to attempt to sail across Antartica. Many exciting events and chapters later, the sailers (children) wrote their own diary of their gruelling journey. You will have to read the book to find out if the expedition was successful.

Year 6 Lemurs Class Assembly

Well done to all of the children who decided that they would like to do their class assembly on the Rugby World Cup. They collectively create a powerpoint, including the famous New Zealand haka!


Autumn Term Curriculum Newsletter


Please read our Autumn term Curriculum Newsletter to find out what will be going on in class this term! Just follow this link or click on the image.




We believe that homework is extremely important to support the learning that takes place in class. It allows children to consolidate their learning and apply what they know. Please read the Year 6 Homework Schedule so you know our expectations for the children.


Spelling is a big focus throughout the school. Each of the children need to be able to spell most of the Common Exception Words from Year 3 and 4 and Year 5 and 6.

Please support your child at home by helping them to learn these.


Useful Website

Through this link, there are many websites for the children to practice different skills.