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Sickness & Diarrhoea:

Please note if your child has been physically sick and/ or suffered with diarrhoea, we prefer children to refrain from school for 48 hours to avoid the spread of bugs. If your child has only been sick once and you are certain this is not a bug, (e.g. it is not coupled with any other symptoms)please contact the school and speak with Mrs Owen who will confirm if your child can return back to school any earlier.   This is a more 'case by case' approach designed to take into account those children that may have vomited due to other reasons, (e.g. reflux, exerted themselves too much, ate too much birthday cake etc.)   These are all reasons given within the last term, and we have allowed these pupils to return to school he next day.

Please click on the below link for the Public Health Agency's latest list of Common illnesses and their recommended period your child should refrain from school.

Common Illnesses - Guidance for Parents/ Carers

Attendance Matters:
As we look at how well children are making progress and achieving in their learning we have been struck once again by how much attendance impacts upon this. We have had a relatively mild winter yet we have seen some poor attendance figures for individual children. As parents many of the staff understand that it is not always easy to make that judgement as to whether a child should be in school and, of course, we would not want them here if they are ill; but there appears to be no reason why our attendance should be lower than any other school.
Each and every child in our school deserves to have the best education but we can only deliver it if they are here.
Please encourage your child to understand that Attendance Matters.
Please click here for our school's Attendance Policy

Attendance Figures

Yearly Percentage Attendance for the last 6 Year

2012 - 13

94.76 %

2013 - 14

95.14 %

2014 - 15

95.7 %

2015 - 16

96 %

2016 - 17

95.2 %

2017 - 18

96 %

Autumn Term 2018 - Analysis

The Autumn term has achieved the best attendance and punctuality since our current records began in 2012.   Thank you for every one of you making sure that your child attends school daily, and on time, unless there are exceptional circumstances for their absence, such as your child being too unwell to attend.   But what does that mean for your child?   It means that they are getting the most out of each and every day they are in school.   They are building resilience and coping strategies for when they are feeling ‘under the weather’, and they are seeing the importance of ensuring they are into school on time, so that they are ready and prepared for the day ahead.   These are all skills needed not only for secondary school, they are life skills that play an important part in being successful and happy in the work place. 


Term Whole school attendance Late marks Late after the register has closed
Autumn Term 2017 95.8% 676 131
Autumn Term 2018 97% 336 34
 % Difference  1.2%  50.3%  74%

MIMO (Miss It Miss Out) - Which class has the best attendance?

Week Beginning: 


 General reminders

If you are considering a holiday in this school year, please remember to complete an Absence Request Form so we are aware...this will save a welfare call at your door!   Although family holidays are only authorised in exceptional circumstances, we need to be aware of the reasons for absence prior to your holiday.

Please note the school may issue a fixed penalty notice for unauthorised absence once your child has missed 4 or more days of school in a school year.

To those parents/ carers of pupils who have isolated, minor ailments and consider taking a day off, please consider giving them some appropriate medication and bringing them into school - we can always send your child home if they start to feel worse.   Furthermore, if your child is ill in the morning, but improves as the morning progresses, please consider bringing them in for the afternoon session.  

If you have a routine medical appointment due, please arrange them out of school hours or towards the end of the day if possible - this means your child will not be missing the most productive part of the day.

 If you are not sure of our term dates, please visit our website, where you can see our term dates on the calendar, or you can print out a table by visiting the ‘Virtual Office’ page and clicking on ‘School term and holiday dates’.   There are also reminders in our newsletter and via ParentMail.




So what do the percentages mean?

Attendance / absence is presented as a percentage figure, but it'€™s helpful to equate this to number of days off:


98% = fewer than four days absent in a school year

95% = fewer than ten days absent in one school year

90% = 4 weeks absent in one school year (equates to a ½ day each week)

85% = 5.5 weeks absent in one school year (approaching a whole half-term in the school year)

80% = 7.5 weeks absent in one school year (equates to 1 day each week or a whole half-term in one year)

This means that if a child has between 80 and 85% attendance they will be absent over 1 complete academic year during their time in Primary School. The impact of this on a child's learning is obvious.

At the end of the academic year 2017-18, our school had 17 children who had less than 90% attendance and of these, 5 children had less than 85% attendance. Obviously children can not help feeling/getting ill but this means that these children had learning that was severely disrupted by absence last academic year.

Unless your child has a serious underlying condition or catches an infectious disease, we would not expect any child to have attendance below 98%.

Indeed our target last year was to achieve 96% attendance across the school and although we achieved it, we will continue to closely monitor any pupil who has a pattern of absence following on from the summer term.  

Again we would like to thank those of you whose children's attendance is 98% or above.


Summer Term 2018 - End of year analysis

This term sees a welcome return to some better weather, and the second week back has seen the best weekly attendance since 2013.   One day we only had 3 pupils off, and so hopefully this is a sure sign that those nasty flu bugs are staying away this term!   May we remind you that Mrs Owen will continue to query any isolated minor symptoms that are reported ( e.g. head ache, temperature, sore throat,) and advice will be given to give your child appropriate medication and bring them to school.   

If your child has had a pattern of absences over this year, any future absences may be unauthorised at the discretion of the school, any we request that if you have a medical appointment card/ text confirmation from the doctor/ prescription or similar, please show the ladies in reception or Mrs Owen so we can record that they have attended a medical appointment.

Please make every effort to make any routine medical appointments out of school hours or if not possible, towards the end of the school day so that they do not miss the most productive part of the day.

We ended this term with an astonishing whole school attendance of 96.88% for the term - the best attendance for a summer term since our current records began in 2012.  Our number of pupils classified as having had persistent absence (under 90% attendance over the year) lowered towards the end of the year too.  Partly due to this we have ended this year with a whole school attendance of 96%.   Thank you to all parents/ carers and pupils for your efforts in getting into school when appropriate, and on time.   To put this figure into perspective, 96% is the national average for primary schools. Comparative to previous years, this year has seen a return to the good attendance seen 2 years ago.   However we have seen a rise in those pupils who are late after the registers have closed, (after 8:55 am).   Year 6 were the best attended year group, Year 1 had the lowest attendance - both of these results are to be expected.  



We worked hard last year to decrease the numbers of pupils arriving late.   Arriving in good time in the morning allows your child to catch up with friends before school, they settle easier into the morning than those who are late, they don't miss any important messages relayed in the morning, and it puts them in good stead for a lifelong understanding of the importance of good punctuality.  

Whilst the weather plays a factor, (and those long term road works along Nacton Road!) there is no reason for your child to be late on more than a couple of occasions in any half term.   Planning ahead, such as looking at the weather forecast for the next day and having the winter attire ready, or taking road works into account when leaving your house, are reasonable requests, all skills our children will need to employ when getting themselves to work later on in life.  

Please let the school know if you are going to be late so we can make the teacher aware. It will also save a phone call asking for your reason for absence.

Please be aware that if your child is late after the registers have closed (after 8:55am) then it is marked as an unauthorised absence, and your arrival time is noted in the register.

We will continue to ask parents in for a meeting if your child is late on 3 or more occasions to see if the school can help you to improve your child's punctuality. We take individual circumstances into account, which is why Mrs Owen asks why you are late in the mornings.