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The Curriculum at Ravenswood Primary School 

Ravenswood Primary School provides a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, in line with the National Curriculum. A wide range of subjects are taught focusing on the development of knowledge, understanding and skills, with a strong emphasis on the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science and designed to ensure that pupils of all abilities will excel. A curriculum where pupils develop knowledge, understanding and skills through the teaching of English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, RE, PSHE, Geography, History, Music, Art, Design & Technology, French and Physical Education will be taught, where relevant links will be made between subjects.

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There will be daily lessons in English and Mathematics. The use of ICT/Computing will be incorporated across the curriculum and the whole school curriculum will be underpinned by social, moral, spiritual and cultural education, with a values based and inclusive approach.

There is the highest expectations for the behaviour and safety of the pupils at our school.

The highest emphasis will be placed on the acquisition of the key skills of reading, writing and oral communication in literacy, which will be evidenced through pupils’ work across all curriculum areas.

In addition, the teaching of Mathematics will focus on age appropriate mathematical knowledge as a starting point, with high expectations in each year group and an application of mathematical skills across the curriculum.


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Ravenswood's teaching staff and subject leaders have created an overview of the topics/areas to be covered each term. Our school curriculum covers the requirements of the National Curriculum (2014). We use the IPC which link subjects together into a thematic approach to learning. 


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Each year group produces a long term plan for the year which includes the IPC, the literacy and numeracy objectives that will be covered and when. From the long term plan, the teachers will produce a medium term plan which covers the 2 half terms in more detail.

Nursery Long term plan Aut 1 Aut 2 Spr 1 Spr 2 Sum 1 Sum 2
Reception Long term plan Aut 1 Aut 2 Spr 1 Spr 2 Sum 1 Sum 2
Year 1 Long term plan Aut 1 Aut 2 Spr 1 and 2 Sum 1 Sum 2
Year 2 Long term plan Autumn  Spring Summer 
Year 3 Long term plan Autumn Spring Summer
Year 4 Long term plan Autumn Spring  Summer
Year 5 Long term plan Autumn Spring Summer
Year 6 Long term plan

Image result for IPCThe IPC - The International Primary Curriculum 

The IPC page will detail of the units taught per year group. Some will contain a range of subjects, others are a single subject (stand-alone science units). We know that successful learning involves transferring information and knowledge from the working memory into our long-term memory and being able to retrieve them again. This can be achieved by introducing new learning and consolidating existing learning. It is for this reason that we all start our new year with an age-appropriate study of our brains and the way they work. Our curriculum uses the concept of self-reflection of learning which is essentially metacognition - where learning is improved through learner reflection on what they are learning, how they are learning and how learning can be improved.

Each of the subjects we teach at Ravenswood Primary School have their own dedicated page. This is to keep up with the latest changes, legislation, what is going on in school and to share some of the great work our children produce.

Each subject is led and managed by a member of the teaching staff. We also have a link Governor who liaises with each subject leader.


The Curriculum Policy

If parents and carers would like additional information about our curriculum, these are the ways to access this information:

  • Class visits - share sessions or open house sessions,
  • Specialist subject sessions,
  • The entry and exit point to the IPC units,
  • Class newsletters,
  • Celebration Assemblies.

Please contact Miss S Cook (Foundation subject lead) for further information.