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History at Ravenswood 

In history we follow the IPC curriculum.

We enrich the history curriculum with trips, visitors into school and opportunities to link history with other subjects.


We enjoy welcoming our families into school to share in our learning throughout the year. We encourage child led exploration of topics through creative homework projects and these are regularly shared with the rest of the school.


In Key Stage 1 we cover the following skills in Milepost 1…




In Key Stage 2 we cover the following skills throughout Milepost 2 (Year 3 & 4)…





In Key Stage 2 we cover the following skills throughout Milepost 3 (Year 5 & 6)...









Meet our museum curators!

We are continuing to work on our exciting historical project - the creation of our very own outdoor museum. Last year saw the first round of our very own museum curators!   These pupils were and will continue to be responsible for managing which artefacts will make it into the museum, as well as organising how they can effectively be displayed.   As part of their curator training, they had the invaluable guidance of Ipswich museum’s very own curator when they visited the museum on Tuesday 5th March.   They got a behind-the-scenes tour and have come away brimming with ideas to use in our own museum!   There will be more details in the coming weeks but in the meantime, let’s here from a couple of our trainees as to what they have learnt so far.., and what they have in store for our new museum!

“We were given a real tooth from a mammoth for our school museum!     We learnt that if something breaks in the museum, you have to learn from the mistake and plan a different way of showing the things so they don’t get broken again, like using glass boxes the next time.   My favourite part of the trip was the challenge of choosing an exhibit and writing down as much information as you could find out about it. I chose the giraffe. ”



“We learnt how to explain to people about the different artefacts.   I really loved the private area where the scientists learnt more about the things in the museum, there were real moths from millions of years ago!   The trip has made me want to put ALL of our history into our school museum!”