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The Foundation Subject Curriculum

What do our children learn about at Ravenswood Primary School?

The majority of National Curriculum subjects are taught through themed units, these range from only a few weeks to an entire term. We have found that when children learn using a thematic approach, links are made and great learning can be seen.


RE (statutory subject) is taught in standalone units across each of the key world religions. More information on this can be found on the RE curriculum page.


Below are the links to each of the units of work taught in the different year groups. Click on the name of the unit to download the plans. Each unit is mapped against the National Currculum ensuring full coverage, depth and breath of learning.


Year 1 IPC Topics - We are what we eat! Time travellers, What is it made of? Sensational, I'm alive! and Hooray let's go on holiday!


Year 2 IPC Topics - Super Humans, The Magic Toymaker, People of the past, 

Say cheese!From A to B and The Earth - Our Home .            


Year 3 IPC Topics -  Island Life, How humans work, Explorers and adventurers, Scavengers and Settlers,  Let's plant it!


Year 4 IPC Topics - Saving the world, Bright Sparks, Shake it!, Turn it up! Temples, tombs and treasures, and How humans work.


Year 5 IPC Topics - The story of English, Exisiting, endangered and extinct, The great, the bold, the brave! Mission to Mars, Bake it!  and Growing up.


Year 6 IPC Topics - Earth as an island, Full Power, Look Hear!, AD 900, Being human, and Out of Africa.