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Taking into consideration the new expectations from the National Curriculum (2014), we at Ravenswood are very clear about how this affects each year group. We have therefore, this information to build solid long terms plans for each year group to achieve this. We ensure all staff working with children are aware and have an understanding of the expectation before and preceding their specific year group. 

Click here for our long term English plan. This will show you what is taught across the school in year groups .

Please click here for our English policy.

 Autumn Term 2021 Update


One of my responsibilities as part of the leadership team is to ensure that your children are making progress in all aspects of literacy and that the opportunities they deserve are available at school. The class teachers and I were impressed that the majority of children had continued to read at home over the Summer holidays. Many of you enjoyed participating in the Suffolk Libraries Reading Challenge. Thank you for all your support
!Reading We use a mixture of reading schemes (including Oxford Reading Tree, Collins and Dandelion Launchers) to ensure that our pupils have the opportunity to learn and consolidate all the skills required to make them fluent readers. We are very excited to be rolling out GREAT RAVENSWOOD READERS to our new Reception Pupils. I will meet with all parents before half term and explain how the initiative works. Year 1 continue to put a huge effort into their home reading. In Key Stage 1 we have an ‘Author of the Term’. On Thursday afternoons the children enjoy story time in the library. This term we will be sharing traditional tales, these are always a favourite with our children, who love joining in with repeated phrases. Mrs Joyce our librarian will be in school Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, she will be in touch to invite parents in for ‘Reading Cafes’.
Phonics- Here at Ravenswood, we teach phonics based around the government document ‘Letters and Sounds’ We put children in to ability groups and they enjoy a variety of interventions, based around ‘Early Reading Research’. The pupils in Year 2 missed their Year 1 Phonics Screening (which normally is competed in June). We will administer the Screening check at the end of the Autumn Term
.Spelling-It’s all about spelling this year (and every year)! Pupils from Year 1 through to Year 6 are coming home each week with new spellings and activities. We appreciate your support in helping them become more fluent spellers.
 Handwriting-I have updated the handwriting policy and all pupils are learning how to write in cursive joins.
Rainbow Readers (our Friday club for pre -school children) is every Friday at 130pm. We are excited to launch this when the restrictions are relaxed.
Volunteers Many of you have enquired about volunteering and Mrs Laflin is currently organising deployment and initial safeguarding training. 


Have you visited our school library recently?

If so, you will have met our new librarian - Mrs. Joyce - who started with us during October. She has been busy beavering away with tidying and reorganizing our books, putting up some interesting questions for us to find out about and making sure that we all enjoy our time spent in the library. 

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