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Taking into consideration the new expectations from the National Curriculum (2014), we at Ravenswood are very clear about how this affects each year group. We have therefore, this information to build solid long terms plans for each year group to achieve this. We ensure all staff working with children are aware and have an understanding of the expectation before and preceding their specific year group. 

pdf.gif: Maths is Fun Newsletter English Long Term Plan 2019-2020


Autumn Term 2019 Literacy Update - Mrs Knox-Johnston

One of my responsibilities as part of the leadership team is to ensure that your children are making progress in all aspects of literacy and that the opportunities they deserve are available in our school.

The class teachers and I were impressed that the majority of children had continued to read at home over the Christmas holidays. Two and a half weeks is a long time and it is a sad fact that children who don’t keep up the skills can regress in their learning. So, thank you for all your support at this busy time of year.


Pupils in Year One are continuing their reading journey and are continuing to take part Great Ravenswood Readers. Before the holidays, an impressive @@@ pupils had read every night and were rewarded with a trip to WH Smith where they spent their £10 voucher on books.

I met with all the parents in reception to launch the scheme with them. Mrs Mills agreed that if the children read each night of the half term they can also go on the trip! Miss Nahar and Mrs Louis are doing a good job of checking every day. Thank you to all of those parents who are supporting us.

More Able Readers

We are focussing on extending our most able pupils and have set up after school book club for Years 4 and 5. Years 1,2 and 3 have support within the school day. Year 6 have the support of Ricky Double (one of our reading volunteers) and they are all enjoying extending their reading skills with The Book of Dust by Philip Pulman.

Newspaper Group

We have launched a school newspaper with Years 3 and 4. The team of reporters have been interviewing staff and pupils around the school and we plan for our first issue to go to print just before Christmas.

Spelling-It’s all about spelling this year (and every year)! Pupils from Year 1 through to Year 6 are coming home each week with new spellings and activities. We appreciate your support in helping them become more fluent spellers.  

Rainbow Readers (our Friday club for pre -school children) is every Friday at 130pm. We have been pleased to welcome some new faces and if you know anyone who would like to come, please bring them along, everyone is welcome.

Ravenswood Retired Readers also continues each Friday. We are working closely with Jamie Cann House and their residents come into school to read with your children. Once a half term we visit them. The benefits for both sides are huge and all involved describe it as the highlight of their week.

Volunteers if you would like to volunteer in school, please let the office know and we will get back to you with the date for your Safeguarding Induction.

Support for parents

How to help your child choose books 2020

Spelling across the year groups 

Glossary of key English terms used in school