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Modern Foreign Languages - French

In our school, we value all languages and encourage children to share their home language with us. From Year 3 through to Year 6, we then begin to learn French. Learning a modern foreign language enables the children to develop new skills and confidence; it promotes initiative and broadens their understanding of the world and diversity within society.

We use Rigolo, a fun and interactive learning tool, to engage the children in learning the basic vocabulary and everyday phrases. Below is an overview of the units that your child will be learning in school.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 3

Rigolo 1

Unit 1: Bonjour

Unit 2:

En classe

Unit 3: Mon corps

Unit 4: Les animaux

Unit 5:

La famille

Unit 6:

Bon anniversaire!

Year 4

Rigolo 1

Unit 7: Encore!

Unit 8: Quelle heure est-il?


Unit 9: Les fêtes

Unit 10: Où vas-tu?

Unit 11: On mange!

Unit 12:

Le cirque

Year 5

Rigolo 2


Unit 1: Salut Gustave!

Unit 2:

à l’ école

Unit 3:

La nourriture

Unit 4:

En ville

Unit 5:

En vacances


Unit 6:

Chez moi

Year 6

Rigolo 2

Unit 7:

Le week-end

Unit 8:

Les vêtements


Unit 9:

Ma journée

Unit 10: Les transports

Unit 11: Le sport

Unit 12:

On va faire la fête

Here are some websites that you and your child could use to support their learning of French at home:



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