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Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) French 

In our school, we value all languages and encourage children to share their home language with us. From Year 3 through to Year 6, we then begin to learn French. Learning a modern foreign language enables the children to develop new skills and confidence; it promotes initiative and broadens their understanding of the world and diversity within society.

We use Rigolo, a fun and interactive learning tool, to engage the children in learning the basic vocabulary and everyday phrases. Below is an overview of the units that your child will be learning in school.


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 3

Rigolo 1

Unit 1: Bonjour


Numbers 1-10

Unit 2: En classe

Classroom objects

Numbers 1-10


Introducing feminine, masculine and neutral nouns

Unit 3: Mon corps

Parts of the body. Eyes & hair. Character

Days of the Week.
Giving someone’s
name. Describing

Unit 4: Les animaux

Animals & Pets.

Unit 5: La famille

Identifying members
of your family. The
alphabet. Nouns- household items.

Prepositions – sur &

Recognise &
ask for various
snacks. Giving
opinions about food.

Unit 6: Bon anniversaire!


Talking about and asking some's age. 

Months of the year.


Year 4

Rigolo 1

Unit 7: Encore!

Recapping describing people, including nationality. 


Unit 8: Quelle heure est-il?

Talk about free-time activities.

Learn to tell the time and say what activities you do at certain times.

Unit 9: Les fêtes

Say the names and dates of several French festivals.

Identify and ask for certain presents at festivals.

Recognise and use numbers 31–60

Give and understand instructions


Unit 10: Où vas-tu?

Name and recognise various French cities.

Talk about the weather.

Unit 11: On mange!

Ask for food in a shop.

Ask for and understand how much something costs.

Talk about activities at a party.

Give opinions about activities and food.

Unit 12: Le cirque

Identify various French speaking countries.

Talk about which languages you speak.

Identify different items of clothing
describe the colour of items of clothing.


Year 5

Rigolo 2


Unit 1: Salut Gustave!

Greet people and give personal information.

Ask and talk about sisters and brothers.

Say what people have and have not using 3rd person

Say what people are like using 3rd person être including

Unit 2: à l’ école

Name school subjects.

Talk about likes and dislikes at school.

Ask and say the time.

Talk about timings of the school day.

Unit 3: La nourriture

Ask politely for food items.

Describe how to make a sandwich.

Express opinions about food.

Talk about healthy and unhealthy food.

Unit 4: En ville

Name places in the town.

Ask the way and give directions.

Say where you are going.

Give the time and say where you are going.

Unit 5: En vacances

 Ask and say where you’re going on holiday.

Express opinions about holidays.
Talk about what you’re going to do on holiday.

Talk about holiday plans.

Unit 6: Chez moi

Name rooms in the house.

Describe rooms in the house.

Say what people do at home.

Year 6

Rigolo 2

Unit 7: Le week-end

 Ask and talk about regular activities.

Talk about what you like/dislike doing.

Unit 8: Les vêtements

Ask and say what clothes you’d like.

Give opinions about clothes.

Say what clothes you wear.

Ask and talk about prices. 

Unit 9: Ma journée

Ask and talk about daily routines. 

Unit 10: Les transports

Unit 11: Le sport

Unit 12: On va faire la fête

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Here are some websites that you and your child could use to support their learning of French at home: