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Physical Education  

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What your child will need for PE,

What days your child has PE on,   

What your child is learning in PE!


During the academic year, 2020-2021, we have seen the introduction of new ways of keeping fit and active!

The use of online fitness videos such as Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga and Just dance have been embraced and enjoyed by all and have shown just how easy it is to stay motivated, even when working out indoors. 

Exciting, weekly PE challenges have also been created and hosted by Mr. Newson. These have been extremely popular and have lead to whole families joining in with PE together, which has been great to see and very inspirational!


Click here to read our PE policy.

PE Days



Year 4LM - Miss Mellamphy

Year 5TH - Mrs Hartman              


Year 2SM - Mrs Milburn

Year 2MS - Mrs Sinclair

Year 6EM - Mrs Moffatt



Year 1AJ - Miss Jones



Year 1MH - Mrs Hawkins

Year 3KW - Mrs Webb

Year 3CNHC - Mrs Nicholson and Mrs Cook

Year 5DP - Mr Power



Year RLP - Miss Perkins

Year RRJB - Miss Palmer and Mrs Beckford

Year 4JS - Mrs Sheerhan

Year 5TH - Mrs Hartman

Year 6EM - Mrs Moffatt 






What does your child need for PE?

We have decided that all of our children will come into school on the day of their PE sessions already in their PE kits.

  • White polo shirt
  • Navy/black shorts/skorts or jogging bottoms
  • Trainers/plimsolls
  • Jumper/sweatshirt when the weather is cold

Please do not send your children in wearing branded or logo-ed clothing. 

Spring Term 2021
  • Reception - Ball Skills
  • Year 1 -  Dance and Games Activities
  • Year 2 - Dance and Games Activities
  • Year 3 - Dance, Gymnastics and Invasion Games
  • Year 4 - Dance, Gymnastics and Invasion Games
  • Year 5 - Dance, Gymnastics and Invasion Games
  • Year 6 - Dance and Invasion Games.


Due to the current situation, we are not able to have our usual swimming lessons. We will update you when we have further details. 

Year 3 Swimming - Monday (pm) at Murrayfield Primary School

Year 4 Swimming - Thursday (am) at Fore Street Pool

Year 5 Swimming - Monday (pm) at Crown Pools


Key Stage 2 Swimming assessment data