Ravenswood Avenue, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 9UA

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Ravenswood Community Primary School

Our Vision and Values at Ravenswood Community Primary School 

Our Vision:

At Ravenswood Community Primary School we provide an excellent and inspirational educational experience that will equip everyone to become successful lifelong ambassadors of, and for, learning.

Our Values:

  • Mutually respectful
  • Positive
  • Inclusive
  • Honest and open
  • Empathetic
  • Approachable
  • Trustworthy
  • Supportive

At Ravenswood Community Primary School, we want children to enjoy a quality educational experience within a positive, caring and friendly environment.

We hope that everyone enjoys being a member of the school and feels a commitment to it.

We endeavour to give all children and people working in our school a sense of their individual worth and value.

We aim to develop self-confidence, a positive image, a caring attitude towards others and the skills and knowledge needed to become a full member of the wider community.

We expect our children to become valuable members of their community and society in general, who treat others with respect and tolerance.


At Ravenswood, we promote the basic British values of:


  • We vote for our school council
  • We help to decide which charities to support
  • We have a say in what happens within our school
  • We help to develop school policies including those on behaviour through discussion and our school council
  • We have the opportunity to inform others through accessing clubs and negotiating which information to share
  • We are given opportunities to be listened to when we don’t make the right choice so we understand how the choices we make affect ourselves and others

Rule of Law:

  • We have a good understanding of how laws are made
  • We understand the importance of laws and rules and how they protect us from harm and influence our behaviour
  • We understand the consequences of breaking rules and laws
  • We help to develop fair rules for our classrooms

Individual Liberty:

  • We are encouraged to make choices
  • We know that everyone has rights and responsibilities
  • We know we need to work within boundaries to make safe choices
  • We have the freedom to join extra clubs outside school and are encouraged to do so
  • We have the freedom of choice about what we present at class assemblies
  • We are encouraged to contribute to choosing where to go on school trips

Mutual Respect

  • We know that our behaviour affects our rights and the rights of others
  • We treat others with respect
  • We work together to help one another
  • We make all visitors to the school feel very welcome

Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

  • We enjoy learning about different faiths and cultures
  • We know that we are part of a culturally diverse society and are given opportunities to experience different cultures
  • We understand how prejudice can lead to hate and how important it is to overcome prejudice in all its forms
  • Members of different faiths and cultures are welcomed in our school
  • We encourage those of different faiths and culture to share their knowledge with us
  • We use international opportunities such as the World Cup and the Olympics to learn about different cultures

Staff at Ravenswood lead by example and there is an expectation that parents and carers will also develop their child’s basic values of democracy, an understanding of the law, encouraging individual liberty, showing respect for all and tolerance to everyone of different faiths and cultures.