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The policies and procedures at Ravenswood Primary School

On this page you will be able to find school policies and documents. Each policy or document can be accessed as a PDF or word file and read, printed or saved to your computer.

Click on the link and please wait for a few moments for the document to download or to open in a new window. You can adjust the size of the document to suit your screen and reading preferences. 

The policies are grouped in categories. Listed first are the Statutory Policies or documents that deal with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, (SEND).  Below that are the other Statutory Policies that the Governors of all schools are required to provide. You will also find  policies that express the Ravenswood Community Primary School Ethos.


Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) at Ravenswood

In this section you will find the Statutory Policies that relate to SEND

School Offer

Local Offer

Medical Policy (Administration of Medicines)

Support for Pupils with Medical Conditions