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Safeguarding and Prevent Information:

Safeguarding and Prevent Officers:

Lead Officer: Mrs E Laflin

Governor: Mrs S Connolly

Alternate Officers: Ms K Chisholm

                                Mrs A Knox Johnston

                                Miss S Cook

At Ravenswood, we take the safeguarding of all very seriously. It is important that our children and staff feel safe from physical and emotional harm whilst they are at school. If you ever have any concerns about the safety and well-being of your children please contact Mrs E Laflin, our Designated Safeguarding Officer, or any of the alternate officers (see above for names). 

If your concerns relate to any of these personnel then please speak to the Safeguarding Governor who is Mrs Sally Connolly. All of the relevant contact numbers are contained in the Child Protection Policy and the school number is Ipswich (01473) 728565.


Miss Cook is the E-safety lead for the school. With regards to online safety there is help and advice available to you. Please click here.

TALK 'PANTS' - Learn Pantosaurus' 5 easy rule for staying safe 

Please see below an NSPCC Leaflet explaining to your children how they can stay safe from harm

PANTS Guide to staying safe


*SUPPORT         * ADVICE              * ACTION

Our services give people the stability, support and challenge they need to enable them to realise their full potential.
Essentially, our services fall into three main categories;   


*Helping people to keep a roof over their heads
* Helping people to stay safe
* Helping people to be heard 

Please see below website for further information.

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