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Ravenswood Community Primary School

After-school club


Where is the after-school club held?
Our club is held in the rain forest room from Monday to Thursday and in the school hall on Fridays. Children are to be collected from the exit in the rain forest room or via the 'disco door' or exit to the right of the hall if you are facing it on a Friday evening. On Fridays, p
lease ring our doorbell, located on the door, to alert a member of staff that you are here .

What time is after-school club open?
Our club is open from 3.00pm until 5.30pm. Children are collected from their classrooms or meet at the rainforest room (depending on their age).  

Do we get a snack at after-school club?

A very important question! All children who attend the club at 4pm will be offered a snack. We offer a variety of biscuits, cheese biscuits, crackers, breadsticks with cheese, snack a' jacks and brioche.

What activities can you participate in at after-school club?
We provide a wide variety of activities to stimulate our pupils after school. These may include: sports activities, reading to one of our staff, support with homework, arts and crafts, outdoor play (weather permitting!) and free play.


Who runs our after-school club?

On a Monday to Thursday, the adults that run our club are: Miss Dean, Miss Rice, Mrs Empson, Miss Mills, Mr Watson, Miss Oxley, Mr Ajala and Miss Nahar. On a Friday, we have two instructors from Inspire, Suffolk who run our sessions. 

How much does after-school club cost?
The cost ranges from £1.50 to £6.00 depending on how long you are staying with us. 
Please click here for the form that explains the prices in full.

How do I book for after-school club?

Once you have registered your child with the school office and completed the registration form, booking can either be done in person at the school office, speaking to Mrs. Weeding or over the telephone, speaking to Mrs. Weeding. 


How do I pay for after-school club?

Payment is expected prior to attending your booked session. You can either pay via Parent Mail or cash into the school office.

Please note there is a £5 penalty charge for a late pick up.  Furthermore you are charged if you cancel your child's session with late notice. For any queries, please contact the school office to speak to Mrs Weeding on 01473 728565.