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Blog Update Autumn 2020

We have been delighted to welcome all our pupils back after lockdown and the summer holiday. Every care has been put into safe entry and exit of the school grounds and all the classrooms have been set up to comply with the recent Government Guidance. Pupils and parents quickly got used to the new regulations and the children quickly settled back in to their learning

We welcomed our new Nursery pupils in to school. They enjoyed a ‘stay and play’ session with their parents and then stayed all by themselves. They have been exploring all sorts of different art materials and enjoying learning nursery rhymes and other songs to help them with their sounds and numbers.

Our new Reception pupils have been learning ‘All about Me’. They have made the most of the lovely weather and have completed a lot of ‘Outdoor Learning’. A highlight has been a visit form Percy the Park Keeper. “I loved it when Percy came, he even had a squirrel with him and he asked us to look after the animals” Maddison Garden (Year R)

In Year 1, the focus has been Superhuman. The children have been learning all about the human body and the senses. They even enjoyed making healthy Pizzas. The children have been working very hard on their letter formation and applying their phonic knowledge to their written work.

Ahoy there from Year 2, whose theme is ‘Treasure Island’. They have been learning special pirate vocabulary and writing some fabulous simile poems. One of the pupil’s favourite activities was making pirate treasure maps. I really hope we find the treasure!

In Year 3, the children have been learning about ‘island life’. They have used the internet to research islands around the world, picking up key learning about oceans and continents as they did so.

Excitingly in Year 4 the starting point for their learning has been Rainforests. A particular highlight for the children has been tropical fruit tasting and smoothie making. The children have enjoyed fact finding about the structure of the Rainforest.

“I really enjoyed learning about deforestation, do you know that if we don’t start living sustainably, in 25 years lots of rainforest animals will have no home?” Oscar (Year 4)

Year 5 have been learning all about THE GREAT, THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD. During this topic, they have enjoyed learning about Roman Battles and soldiers. They have also learned about Greek Myths. Frankie Perry told me that he had loved “The myth about Medusa. She was very vain and Athena sent her to the end of the earth and made her ugly!”

Year 6 are working on the topic ‘Earth As An Island’. This has given the children the opportunity to learn all about map reading and interpreting co-ordinates. They all thoroughly enjoyed making 3D islands.