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What Do I Do If?


...my child is late for school?

Make sure that you register your child at the front office when you arrive in school and that school meal requirements are noted.


 .....I've been unavoidably delayed and may be late picking my child up from school?

Don't panic! If you have not arrived by the end of the school day your child will be supervised until you arrive. If you are later than 15 minutes your child will go into the After School Club and you will be charged. Please ring the school as soon as you know you will be late.


.....my child is not well enough to come to school?

If your child is not well enough to attend school please ring the school office by 09:15 am on the first morning of absence. Alternatively you can send a message informing the school of your child's absence through your ParentMail account.  


.....my child was sick/had diahrroea in the night?

Sickness and diahrroea are extremely infectious. The 48 hour rule applies. The advice of the Health Protection Agency is that your child should be kept away from school for 48 hours after the last bout of vomiting or diahrroea. Remind your child about the importance of handwashing and show him/her how to do it properly. Please ring the school office by 10:00 am on the first morning of absence.


.....it snowed in the night and I'm not sure if the school will be open?

Listen to local radio reports, check our website and check your ParentMail account too.  


.....we have no option but to take our family holiday in term time?

Please see the school's Attendance Policy which explains the position regarding holidays in term time.  Holidays are only authorised under exceptional circumstances and even if it is not likely to be authorised you need to complete an absence request form.   These are found in the office or you can print one off at home by visiting our Useful Forms page.


.....I have a particular concern about my child?

Ravenswood teachers are very approachable and want the best for your child. Try to see your child's class teacher at the END of the day. The beginning of the day is very busy, lessons begin straight away.  


.....I wish to register a complaint?

Most concerns will be dealt with informally and parents/carers are encouraged to make contact with the person concerned. Please read the school's Complaints Policy should initial attempts to resolve an issue be unsuccessful and you wish to take the matter further.


.....I would like to hire part of the school building for an event/party?

If you would like to hire one of the school halls or playground for a private party, wedding reception, class etc., please contact the school's Office Manager or the Bursar who can give you prices and make a booking.


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