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Ravenswood Community Primary School

Be Kind, Be Bold, Be Safe, Be You

Ravenswood Primary Student Leadership


Student leadership at Ravenswood Community Primary School is a central strand of pupil achievement that enables confidence building to raise aspirations and recognise the talent of the pupil body.  We aim to provide opportunities for learners to develop leadership skills, empowering partnership between pupils and staff to gain a deeper understanding of the school; leading to a shared vision and virtues, increase in global standards and contribution to the community they live in.

Democratically elected student leaders represent the pupil body and their school in a wide range of forums at school and in the community to help shape a positive future. 


At Ravenswood we have balanced the need for a large range of leadership opportunities, with the understanding that it is not possible for every student to have a formal leadership position. 

What personal qualities are needed to fulfil one of these roles?

  • You should like working with and talking to pupils
  • You should be able to build good working relationships with staff
  • You should want to make a lasting impact at school and be involved in decision making
  • You should be able to work well in a team
  • You should have good time management skills e.g. balancing commitments
  • You should be polite, mature, responsible and reliable at all times
  • You should be practicing Be Kind, Be Bold, Be Safe, Be You

Other information:

  • Pupils may hold no more than one formal leadership position
  • Elections are held in the first two weeks of the autumn term.
  • Student Council takes place weekly.
  • All other leadership meeting take place half termly.
  • A pupils leadership position may be suspended or withdrawn under certain circumstances, e.g. breaking the Student Code of Conduct.


The Student Leaders are our student role models. We acknowledge the values and talents which they bring to our school community. They work hard and are successful in making our school a welcoming, friendly and inclusive community in which all pupils feel safe and are happy to learn and play. They are the decision makers of the future and we hope that through our leadership program they will develop skills and attitudes to assist them to become good citizens prepared to make a difference.

Head Boy and Head Girl (Year 6)

The Head Boy and Head Girl represent the school and pupil body. 

They are recognised across the school, and as such, have greater accountability for all their actions. They are responsible for preparing the school assemblies, running assemblies and presenting certificates. They also greet guests to our school and speak at a range of school functions and events.

This is led by Mrs Kent (Head Teacher). 

Student Council

As role models, our student leaders act with care and courtesy and reliability: show empathy towards others and act as good friends would; use manners and basic good grace when dealing with other students and adults; treat others fairly, honesty and keep their dignity in tact; show self-discipline and control of your feelings and your actions. Students are given support on how to become a student leader and build the following attributes:  responsibility, reliability and trustworthiness; they are friendly and act like a good friend should; they work well with others; are capable of doing the job; and are positive and enthusiastic.

This council is led by Miss Cook (Deputy Head).

House Captains/ Vice House Captains

(Year 3 – Year 6)

The House Captains are responsible for assisting with events across the school, who assist to organise their teams, sports equipment and build positive team spirit, attitudes and efforts. They are also in charge of collecting and announcing the House Points each week.

They help younger students engage in all house activities. They will host lunch time sports events for each year level, aimed at developing pupil wellbeing. 

Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders have several responsibilities and are a crucial part of the school. They are relied upon to set up the necessary technology for their learning areas.

The leaders represent the school body with all things related to keeping safe online, facilitated by our Online safety lead teacher - Miss A Jones. 

Creative Leaders

The creative leaders play a significant role in promoting creativity in the school environment.  They promote different mediums to record your learning and also set competitions and arrange theme days.

This group is facilitated by Mrs C Hyland.

Leaders of Learning

Leaders of Learning are responsible for encouraging a love of learning within the school.  They encourage the pupils to grow their knowledge, practise their skills and deepen their understanding. 

This group is facilitated by Mrs L Thurston.


Reading Leaders

The reading leaders play a significant role in ensuring the Library is accessible for all pupils.  They achieve this by looking after the books, encouraging reading for pleasure, organising literary events and reading stories at lunchtime.

The reading leaders are led by our reading lead teacher - Miss LThurston.

Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors are responsible for raising awareness within the school.  They take initiative in promoting different environmental causes as well as implementing programs that ensure the environment is well cared for.

This group is facilitated by Mrs J Scales. 

Maths Leaders

The maths leaders play a significant role in ensuring that maths has a high profile within the school.  They achieve this by encouraging the love of maths,, organising maths events and maths activities at lunchtime.

The maths leaders are led by our maths lead teacher - Mrs S Milburn.