Ravenswood Avenue, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 9UA

01473 728565

Ravenswood Community Primary School

Be Kind, Be Bold, Be Safe, Be You


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs H Kent

(Headteacher & ADSL)

Mrs M Cartwright

( Deputy Head Teaching and Learning  & DSL)


 Mrs L Hancock

(Deputy Head Inclusion & ADSL)





Extended Leadership Team

Mrs M Cartwright (DSL)

(Nursery and Reception)

Mrs. L Hancock (ADSL)

(Year 1 and Year 2)

Mr N Hynes (ADSL)

(Year 3 and Year 4)

Mr. S Milburn (ADSL)

(Year 5 and Year 6) 

Special Educational Needs Coordinator - Mrs. N Ritchie (ADSL) 

 Lead Teaching and Learning Practitioner - Miss L Thurston (Curriculum/Reading)

Operations Manager - Mr G Nightingale

Teaching Staff (23/24)

Nursery: Miss. M Sinclair (Outdoor Learning)
Reception:  Mrs. J Beckford (History) / Mrs Harman (PE) Mrs T Haylock (Early writing/Phonics)
Year 1:  Mr D Chadwick (DT)  Miss A Jones (PSHE/SMSC/Online Safety/Reading)
Year 2: Mrs. C Hyland (Learning Environments and Art) Mrs. T Hartman (Geography)
Year 3: Mrs Cartwright (French) Mr G Green (PE)
Year 4: Mrs J Scales (Science) Ms J Fowler (Maths)
Year 5: Mr. G Glover (Geography) Mrs L Blackwell (KS2 Maths)
Year 6:

Mr. N Hynes (Computing)

Mrs. S Milburn (Maths Lead) 


Support Staff

Ms. C Cook (Front Office) Mrs. L Young (Front Office) Mr. L Grigg (Caretaker)
Ms C P (Receptionist) Mrs. C Hycz (EYFS LSA) Mrs. S Wilson (KS1 LSA)
Mrs. W Nicholas (KS1 LSA) MAT Leave Mrs. R Kaur (SEND KS1 LSA) Miss M Rice (SEND KS1 LSA)
Mrs. R Thorp (SEND KS1 LSA/MDSA) Ms. A Dean (KS1 LSA/MDSA) Mrs. J Empson (KS2 LSA)
Mrs. D Scott (KS2 LSA) MAT Leave Mrs. S Begum-Miah (Instructor) Mrs. S-J Serritiello (EAL LSA KS2)
Mrs. J Reason (HLTA)
Mrs. Polly Ford (Attendance Officer) Ms. F Oxley (Learning Behaviour Lead) Ms S Hale (Learning Mentor)
Mrs. K Smith (Speech & Language Therapist) Mrs. K Youpa (Counsellor) Mr L Taylor (L4 Sports Apprentice)
Mrs. H Walker (MDSA) Miss C Ambrose (MDSA) Miss L Storer (MDSA)
Mrs M Clark (MDSA) Mrs. S Snelling (MDSA) Mrs J McKenna (MDSA)
Mrs K Rudge (MDSA) Mr. D Cable-Davey (Assistant Caretaker)