Ravenswood Avenue, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 9UA

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Ravenswood Community Primary School

Be Kind, Be Bold, Be Safe, Be You

Our Vision

Be Kind, Be Bold, Be Safe, Be You

Here at Ravenswood, every child and staff member thrive in a kind, bold and safe environment, where they feel valued and celebrated.

Our welcoming and highly trained team of educators feel valued and instill a life-long love of learning into pupils, whilst putting their wellbeing at the heart of what we do as a school. They act as role models for the future and help develop inquisitive minds and a sense of purpose in their lives.

 Our empowering curriculum ensures pupils come out of Ravenswood as confident, well-rounded and kind individuals, equipped with skills to enable them to thrive in their next stages of their life and become citizens of the future.

Our beautiful grounds and location in the heart of Suffolk give countless opportunities for pupils to reach their goals and help them understand the importance of keeping both physically and mentally healthy to enhance their personal development and wellbeing.

Our open relationship with parents, carers and wider communities of interest allows us to work closely with everyone so we can support the growth of people in and around Ravenswood and beyond.

Our healthy and inclusive communication raises the bar for schools across Suffolk. Right decisions, at the right time and with swift effective action when needed. Regular and easy-to-digest communication across the whole school community creating a positive environment and celebrating progress.


Our Guiding Values at Ravenswood

An agreed set of core values guide daily behaviours across governors, school leadership, staff, parents, carers and pupils.

They are:

Inclusion and belonging: we ensure everyone thrives at our school and is supported in a safe environment.

Health and wellbeing: we treat everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing as a priority so children and staff feel safe, happy and secure in our school.

Openness and respect: everyone has a voice and we listen. We expect everyone to be respectful of the opinions and behaviours of others, so we all learn and grow in a kind and supportive environment.

Curiosity and fun: we encourage everyone to be curious so our children grow into confident, creative and engaged individuals.

Together, we use these values and our vision to guide the school’s strategic direction - empowering every child to the best possible start in life, and putting community at the heart of everything we do at school.

September 2022